What Do Cyber Security Professionals Need To Know?

What Do Cyber Security Professionals Need To Know?

Collision of worlds: lots of organizations do possess many different technology systems that protect their operational technology (OT) and informational technology (IT) networks. Also, there exists consumer technology (CT), which includes tablets and smart phones. When all these; OT, IT, and Ct merge, they become IoT networks. There is need to plan and execute cyber security measures that prevent all available networks from any malicious attacks.

Expansion of attack surface: With the existence of numerous devices that connect to IoT, with the likes of intensive care unit device, air conditioning systems, heating and smart meters, there are high chances of attacks occurring at an alarming rate which will make it difficult to find solutions.

Increase of threat diversity: Because of existence of many devices that connect to IoT, enemies have a wide range of objects to launch an attack. This can result in attackers implementing new tricks that are complex for cyber security to deal with them.

Sophistication in terms of threat will continue: Actually, threats have turned out to be surreptitious, dodging early detections by the systems by implementing unnoticeable signs of cooperation to attain the targeted device or system. Cyber security structures which depend on point-in-time barricades and practices cannot manage to counter the ever stealthy attacks.

Remediation will turn out to be complex and more urgent: upon being attacked, an organization will not segregate the system because of the aftermath it can cause, in that shutting down will be costly more than just being infected. This is greatly hinder the organization’s operation continuity. Techniques of remediation will assist a dedicated approach to rapidly detect a treat of an attack and eliminate it enabling the operations continuity run smoothly.

The impact and risk will escalate: Personal information and delicate data transits business areas through connected devices, all over the world. Many of these devices are found in insecure locations of IoT networks. This increases chances of being attacked and great negative impacts will follow

Acquiescence and conventions will mount. Controlling organizations are demanding tighter privacy and security controls more than ever. This in turn hinders the increasing number of organizations. In case they do not meet with the regulatory demands, an organization’s capacity to be part of active member in the IoE will be restricted. This is why there are many challenges in regulating and controlling management of organizations.

Dominant visibility: it is essential for cyber security professionals to deal in real-time in matters concerning data, devices, and how they relate together. To be able to do this, quick analysis and automation is needed.

Threat awareness as the ultimate focus: In this unstructured perimeter, cyber security specialists need to assume, finding the middle ground and improve the capacity to detect threats founded on having a know-how in abnormal and normal behavior, recognizing indicators of concession, making judgments, and acting quickly. This needs overpowering difficulty and disintegration in technology settings.

Need for swift action: After detecting an abnormal behavior or threat, cyber security professionals have to be in a position of responding to the situation immediately. For this to be done, professionals need to have proper technology, skills, and above all, working swiftly as a team.

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